Monday, December 31, 2012

ESC 'Johann Jacob Wepfer Award'

The first day of the ESC and Professor Lou Caplan has received a standing ovation from the audience while being presented with the Johann Jacob Wepfer Award. In a moving tribute to a stroke giant, Heinrich Mattle emoted the audience to a standing ovation. The award itself honours scientists for their outstanding work in the field of cerebrovascular diseases. Professor Caplan was generously mentored throughout his career by C Miller Fisher and has himself mentored many ornaments to the game, including IJS Associate Editor Conrado Estol, who wrote an excellent piece for IJS on the career achievements of Professor Caplan in 2007. Thanks to Robert Ackerman who worked closely with Miller Fisher, IJS will publish an obituary celebrating the life of this eminent neurologist in the coming edition of the journal. In our latest edition we also farewell the much lauded Frank Yatsu.

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