Sunday, January 6, 2013

A little bit of art...

IJS are preparing to interview Swedish Neurologist Barbro B Johansson and I was touched by this image and historical note on her web page.
Her website 'banner' held this picture of a beautiful sculpture and I have left in tact the historical note she made about it as seen below.

Historical note: I took the picture of the sculpture on the top left when I visited the Institute of Neurosurgery and Brain Research in Santiago, Chile 1961. It is made by Marta Covin, a famous Chilean Sculptress (1905-1993), using the hands of Alfonso Asenjo as a model. Asenjo was a pioneer in neurosurgery that founded the Institute of Neurosurgery and Brain Research in Chile already in 1939. Because he was a friend of Salvador Allende the sculpture was removed and disappeared in connection with the military coop in Chile 1973. I think that the sculpture is a too beautiful illustration of what makes us human to be forgotten.

This re-empahsises for me as Managing Editor for the journal, the important work people do in neurology and how globally this work in undertaken in all conditions; how each individual treatment and care impacts on each human being which resonates globally. This gift of quality of life is why we at this journal, the flagship of the World Stroke Organization must always remember that we are a global platform for a global voice, so no matter the conditions that people work in, or the resources available to them, we are there to share knowledge and support these amazing practitioners to reduce the burden of stroke.

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