Saturday, January 5, 2013

IJS Reviewer thank you list; the origin of peer review

Every year (approximately November to November due to publishing times) we publish a list of peer reviewers who have reviewed for the journal during the year. Peer review as a practice has been in use for nearly three-hundred years; since the Philosophical Society of Edinburgh, now The Royal Society of Edinburgh started asking advice from their esteemed members to assist them to select articles for publication.

Two main factors led to the increased interest and acceptance of peer review.

Over the past five decades the amount of articles submitted for scientific publication has increased dramatically, before that time it was quite small and editors would struggle to find articles for publication. Now days editors must be highly selective, and expert peer review is an invaluable tool. Second, as science and technology have expanded so quickly and now cover such an incredible expanse of knowledge and speciality, editors alone cannot be expert in every niche, they must, to publish quality science, seek the opinion of their peers! Therefore, the importance of our peer reviewers cannot be underestimated, and this thank you comes loaded with the three-hundred year tradition which continues to propel science forward in excellence.

Thank you for your work this year, with the International Journal of Stroke!

Reviewers are listed in the following post.

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